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BrandonJune 2014
The QB community is pretty dead, which makes a fancy Wordpress blog look like a ghost town. Wordpress is meant for bloggers who are actively posting, not for archives of software releases. This sites hits really took a dive at the end of last year, and we haven't had a GUI release in months. I have a plan for the future, however. So far its just a concept and I don't know if I'll ever have a chance to make it happen. The "concept blog" would be a lot like Todds GUI site, except with more screenshots and a review system similar to the one Jacob used to use. The front page would likely just be a bunch of screenshots and a minichat. And likely links to the last couple reviews added. In terms of what end users could do, I'm thinking they would have access to the minichat, a GUI upload page, and some way for them to add their own ratings. Obviously a fair amount of coding would have to be done, and I don't know if/when I'll ever have the time to do anything, but I was hoping for some input on the future of this site.
2014-06-2711:44 AM

DickRe: June 2014
fuckin bad ass hard core
2014-06-286:43 AM

atrocityRe: June 2014
The beginning of the year I had a TON going on for work. Some days I worked 4:30am until 11pm moving to a new company. Luckily, now I have time and plan on working on Dos Doors more! As for the site, that would be a great idea, actually. Motivation is always the killer of ideas, though, lol!
2014-06-282:59 PM


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