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BrandonQBASIC Minecraft Clone
If you google search "qbasic minecraft clone", this site is on the first page of results. If you Bing! it, it's the first result. I was hoping to find something cool and creative that I could fork into my own creation, but maybe I'll try my hand at an ASCII 2D "construction game" like minecraft? I have a couple 486 laptops that I like to write a game for, and I know pharaoh has started work on a similar idea before. Any input/suggestions?
2014-05-293:38 PM

JFKRe: QBASIC Minecraft Clone
i found black annex? qbasic game. looks cool dos port would be great. btw im no longer JFK.
2014-06-108:15 PM

BrandonRe: QBASIC Minecraft Clone
That actually looks pretty cool, thanks for pointing it out. Heres a link: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2033318/black-annex-is-the-best-qbasic-game-youve-ever-seen.html
2014-06-2711:30 AM


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