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Brandon$50 Tablet Update
Well after using the $50 tablet for a week, I have one major complaint. If I attempt to play music using the built in music application or Pandora, and then open the web browser, the audio application will stop running. My guess is that it runs out of RAM, if I just use the music program then it works fine. This is a major annoyance, but for $60 you can find tablets with double the ram (1GB), however that's into used Core 2 Duo Thinkpad territory, I've bought 2 different Thinkpads for that much, however neither came with an AC Adapter, so that would make them a little more expensive. Overall, I think if I was going to buy a tablet, I'd be looking for a cheap android one that has 1GB memory. But, if when looking to access the internet for less than $100, a used Thinkpad with Linux installed is MUCH more versatile.
2014-04-088:54 PM

pharoahRe: $50 Tablet Update
It seems like another good use case for this $50 tablet would be testing an android app you've developed to see how it works on a tablet. In fact, there's a really cool android-based IDE that you could use to develop directly on the device. I'd say it's better than eclipse in my limited experience with it, but since I don't have a tablet it's hard to get much of anything done using it.
2014-04-145:41 PM

BrandonRe: $50 Tablet Update
It would work great for that, I just don't have any ideas for tablet applications.
2014-04-157:46 PM


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